University of Pittsburgh

Institutional Identity

Pitt's "institutional identity" refers to how, when, where, and to whom the University's image, or brand, is presented in various media, from Web sites to traditional business cards and personalized stationery.

Proper usage of Pitt logos, signatures, and other graphic marks is essential for enhancing the University's institutional identity. Details on these marks, and how to use them, appear in the University of Pittsburgh Graphic Standards (PDF) and on our Policies page.

To download official versions of the graphic marks themselves, you need permission from the Office of University Communications.

For information on creating Pitt business cards and stationery, visit our online store or contact:

Christopher Markle
Production Art Manager
University of Pittsburgh
Communications Services
460B Craig Hall
200 South Craig Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
Office phone: 412-624-1088
Fax: 412-624-1021