University of Pittsburgh

Guidelines for School/Departmental/Unit Graphics

Communications Services is pleased to work with your school/department to create an attractive new graphic for use on your marketing communications materials. The development of a graphic specifically for an individual entity within the University is a special project that requires review and approval by the Office of University Communications.

If your request is reviewed, and thereby deemed appropriate for development and finalization by Communications Services, the new graphic must be implemented in accordance with established usage guidelines. In maintaining the strength and integrity of the University of Pittsburgh’s institutional identity, anyone handling projects involving the school/departmental graphic should be familiar with and adhere closely to these guidelines.

The guidelines are:

  • The graphic may not be used on any official stationery materials, including letterheads, #9 or #10 (business size) envelopes, and business cards.
  • The graphic may be used on such materials as posters, fact sheets, oversized envelopes, brochures, note cards, tickets, mailers, banners, and specialty items like mugs and shirts. It may also be used on your Web site.
  • Any letterhead-size (8-1/2 x 11” or 9 x 12”) sheet that utilizes the graphic may not be initially printed with, or later imprinted with, detailed contact information that will for all practical purposes turn it into letterhead—address, phone, fax, e-mail, and Web address. The sheet may, however, be printed or imprinted with a single contact item, such as a Web address or phone number.
  • The graphic may not be used on the same side of any printed page of material as the University of Pittsburgh logo/seal. However, the typed words ‘University of Pittsburgh’ must appear on the same side of a page as the graphic.
  • The University of Pittsburgh signature (seal and logotype) must appear on official University of Pittsburgh Web sites (each site with an address ending in The school/departmental graphic may appear on the same Web pages, but it may not be used in the banner.
  • It is important that the juxtaposition and size of the school/departmental graphic and the University of Pittsburgh signature are never such that the University appears to be subordinate to or underneath the graphic. In other words, no one looking at a printed piece or Web page should come away with the misconception that the University is contained by, or is a part of, the school/department.
  • The graphic should not be altered in any way, including distorting the scale horizontally or vertically, rotating/cropping/screening it, color palette alterations, moving elements of it into different positions, placing it on a complicated background, containing it within another design, or any other means of alteration. Doing so will lessen the impact of your graphic’s meaning and could result in a negative or inappropriate representation of your school/department and, more importantly, the University.
  • You have collaborated carefully with Communications Services in the planning, development, and crafting of the graphic, which is approved for very specific uses. Implemented in accordance with the above guidelines, your graphic will enable you to maintain the University’s identity standards while making your special mark.

If you ever have questions or concerns regarding your graphic, or if you need assistance with uses beyond ones mentioned earlier, please do not hesitate to contact Communications Services.