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Our staff works closely with clients to develop a communications strategy for each e-newsletter project. While the designs of e-newsletters often are closely aligned with those of clients' Web sites, e-newsletters are designed specifically for e-mail display.

Communications Services offers extensive design and technical expertise in developing newsletters to function properly for all e-mail users. Coding practices, such as the inclusion of text and Web versions, ensure accessibility.

We also ensure that e-newsletters adhere to stringent anti-SPAM practices.

And, our service includes elegant solutions for list management and detailed reporting of e-newsletter readership.


Creating Your E-Newsletter

Web team members will create an e-newsletter with the design and functions appropriate for your goals, audience(s), and budget.

You may need an elaborate e-newsletter—the equivalent of a small Web site—complete with a custom design as well as original photography, writing, and reporting, together with editing, proofreading, and maintenance by the Web team.

Or, you may just need a simple, template-based e-newsletter that you can update and send out yourself once the Web team has designed the initial issue.

Or, some combination of the above. It's your call.


Whatever your needs, services include the following features:

  • Design and layout
  • E-mail list management
  • Automated opt in/out process
  • Web-based subscription forms
  • Detailed online reports of readership
  • Training on how to update your e-newsletter