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Although BC is more commonly used, BCE (before the common era) is permissible and appropriate in writing in certain contexts. Consider the discipline and its conventions when selecting one or the other. Be consistent. Also use capitalized initials without periods. (CM15 9.38) (Also see AD/CE and Dates, Years sections.)


Capitalize and use interchangeably with African American.

Ethnicity and race should be mentioned only when they are pertinent and their pertinence is clear to the reader.

(See Student Terminology section.)


On first reference, capitalize Board of Trustees; thereafter, use the board or the trustees.

  • Stephen R. Tritch, chair of the Board of Trustees, said today that the University had a very successful year. He noted that three new trustees were appointed to the board.


See Capitalization and Titles (Other) sections.


Capitalize the official names of buildings and specially designated rooms. (CM15 8.61–2; CM14 7.47) Refer to www.bc.pitt.edu/frs/BuildingList.html for official building names, proper abbreviations, and correct mailing addresses.

  • Wesley W. Posvar Hall
    (subsequent references: Posvar Hall)
  • Litchfield Towers A
    (subsequent references: Tower A)
  • Thomas Detre Hall of the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic
    (subsequent references: Detre Hall, or, if referring to the hospital only, WPIC, not Western Psych)
  • Heinz Memorial Chapel
    (subsequent references: Heinz Chapel or the chapel)
  • Cathedral of Learning
    (subsequent references: the Cathedral)
  • UPMC Presbyterian
    (not Presbyterian University Hospital; see Appendix 5)
  • Hillman Cancer Center
    (Do not use Hillman Center or the center on subsequent references; use the entire name.)
  • Thomas E. Starzl Biomedical Science Tower
    (subsequent references: Starzl Tower)
  • Biomedical Science Tower 3
    (subsequent references: BST3)


*News exceptions, see Appendix 6.