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Spell out United States when used as a noun; use U.S. (with periods) when used as an adjective or in tables and graphs.

  • People of many different ethnic origins live in the United States.
  • The U.S. Congress is in session now.


The proper name of the school is the University of Pittsburgh, and this should be used on first reference. Pitt or the University may be used on subsequent reference. Never refer to the University as U of Pitt, U of Pittsburgh, or Pitt U. (Note: On subsequent references, the U in University is capitalized when referring specifically to the University of Pittsburgh. Lowercase university when referring to any other institution or using the generic term.)

  • There are many fine programs at the University of Pittsburgh, and Pitt’s dental school is one of the best in the country.
  • The University faculty held its meeting in the Cathedral of Learning.
  • Pitt is an exceptional university.


Use these official names to refer to the following University publications:

  • Pitt Chronicle
  • Pitt Magazine
  • Pitt Med
  • University Times


Contact the Department of Communications Services at 412-624-4147 or 412-624-0409 for information on proper usage. According to University policy, the production of artwork for, and the printing of, publications and advertisements incorporating the University seal or signature must be coordinated through the Department of Communications Services.