COVID-era Imagery Guidance & Checklists

The University of Pittsburgh has established health and safety rules for all members of the Pitt community, and it’s important that all of our communications during the pandemic reflect those standards of behavior.

University Communications and Marketing has created a guide that will help photographers and videographers, as well as those using visual content, align with those rules. The checklists should be used for original photography/video and submitted photography/video. It’s on all of us to make sure the imagery we use reinforces appropriate health and safety standards.

View the guide (PDF).

Reminders: You can book photography through the UCM visual services team. But if you need to hire a freelance photographer or photograph someone yourself, please remember: If your unit’s activity area plan says you need permission to be on location or take other precautions, be sure you’ve done so ahead of time. And please follow the health rules yourself while taking the pictures.

Have an image that’s borderline or other questions? Contact Pitt's Resilience Steering Committee for guidance.