SCI Film Festival

SCI Film Festival Entries

#1: “Empty Pittsburgh” by Jeremy Olin, undergraduate student in Computer Science.

About this video: I made this to show the stark contrast between how busy Pittsburgh usually is as compared to now. This video shows the most populated spots around campus, and how plain empty they are now due to Covid-19. But even though we are feeling as separate as ever now, there are steps we can take to come together as a community.


#2: “A Vlog for COVID-19 Reflection” by Nianyun Qi, master’s student in Information Science.


#3: “Homebound” by Caela Go, undergraduate student in Computer Science.


#4: “Dazed Days” by Zhengming Wang, undergraduate student in Computer Science.

About: The uncertain and monotonous nature of college students lives at home.


#5: “Together We Are Strong” by Leah-Rose Sellinger, undergraduate student in Information Science



#6: “Trials in Uncertain Times” by Francisco Carattino, undergraduate student



#7: “Coping With COVID” by Abhishek Viswanathan, PhD student


#8: “There’s No Place Like Home” by Victoria Chuah, undergraduate student in Computer Science

About this video: I was thinking about people who didn’t take social distancing seriously, and I wanted to make my video about the reason that we have to, even if we don’t want to