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The New York Times (op-ed): Opinion: Are We Too Burned Out to Defend Roe v. Wade?

Wired: The Llama, the Hamster, and a New Path for COVID Treatment

Science News: A Blood Test May Help Predict Recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury

WTAE-TV: Monument unveiled for ‘Divine Nine’ at Pitt

Forbes (op-ed): Feminism and the Tax Code


CNN: These Goggles Helped a Blind Man See After 40 Years

Smithsonian: Could Skin Patches Be the Future of Covid Vaccines?

Autoweek: University of Pittsburgh Woman Leads Indy Autonomous Challenge Team Into Historic Competition

WPXI-TV: Pitt faculty, staff, students help plant trees in South Side


Inside Higher Ed: With $100 Million Gift, Pitt Plans Huge Bioresearch Facility

Popular Science: Sniffing this odorless molecule could make you more aggressive – or more docile

Tribune-Review: Pitt group seeks solution in Appalachia ‘brain drain’ in Connellsville study

Pittsburgh Business Times: Pitt offers update on plans for new recreation and wellness center


Bloomberg: A Crisis of Masculinity as Robots Replace Men

Times Higher Education: Decline in student mental health ‘outlasting COVID’

The Hill (op-ed): The FDA’s telehealth safety net for abortion only stretches so far

Post-Gazette (op-ed): The gift of Kwanzaa




The Wall Street Journal: After Pittsburgh Bridge Collapses, Biden Stresses Need to Invest in Infrastructure

Post-Gazette: College students are struggling in the pandemic

The Hill (op-ed): This year, Mike Pence should resolve to become our next President


NPR: A brain circuit tied to emotion may lead to better treatments for Parkinson’s disease

CNN: Sexual harassment and assault linked to high blood pressure in women, study says

Philadelphia Inquirer (op-ed): A Pennsylvania bridge collapsed. Which one is next?

Slate (op-ed): Afghanistan Collapse Was Not Inevitable

Post-Gazette (op-ed): Fetal Tissue Research Is Invaluable to Medicine


The Washington Post (op-ed): Central Asian countries now have two big worries about Russia

The Hill (op-ed): A much-needed model for monitoring government algorithms Gut microbes help tadpoles cope with climate change

Post-Gazette: Brandon Thomas’ long, winding road to earning a Pitt master’s

WESA: Pitt’s students lobby for more funding for state-related universities


The Atlantic (op-ed): They called her ‘Black Jet’

The Daily Beast: Ukraine Musicians Organize…

Vox: The Faulty Foundation of Our New Post-Pandemic Normal Pittsburgh calls itself the robotics capitol of the world. But it’s also the birthplace of cybersecurity



CNBC: Women are doing more thankless tasks at work — here’s how to help fix the problem

The Washington Post: The U.S. Is Doing Too Little to Monitor Paxlovid Use

Chronicle of Higher Education: The Uneven Climb From College to Career

U.S. News & World Report/HealthDay: Black Patients With A-Fib Less Likely to Get Blood Thinners