Our Team

Pitt people are what make our work outstanding. We bring a diverse variety of backgrounds, expertise and creativity to your projects. Do you have a love of higher ed marketing and communications and want to join our team? Apply online.

Rachel Decker Richelieu Rachel Decker Richelieu
Vice Chancellor for Communications and Marketing
Tom Altany Tom Altany
Jim Ambrose
Business Operations Coordinator
Lexi Belculfine Lexi Belculfine
Senior Director, Content Strategy
Zachary Beresh headshot Zachary Beresh
Executive Creative Director
Christin Bongiorni Christin Bongiorni
Associate Director of Production
photo of Jennifer Chaparro Jennifer Chaparro
Brand Manager
Adam Christian Adam Christian
Robyn Coggins Robyn Coggins
Managing Editor, Pittwire
John Cooper John Cooper
Director, University Web Communications
Jumoke Davis Jumoke Davis
Director of Video Production
Michelle Denson Michelle Denson
Associate, Marketing
Ervin Dyer Ervin Dyer
Senior Editor, Pitt Magazine
Nichole Faina Nichole Faina
Content Manager, Pittwire
Chuck Finder Chuck Finder
Executive Director, Media Relations
Nick France Nick France
Media Specialist
Sarah Gintner
Executive Assistant
photo of  Ellie  Graves Ellie Graves
Senior Director of Communications
Donovan Harrell
Communications Specialist
Jennifer Hartley Jennifer Hartley
Digital Project Manager
Kara Henderson Kara Henderson
Content Manager, Pittwire
Brandie Jefferson
Senior Director of Research Communications
Lola Johnson Lola Johnson
Media Specialist
April Johnston Smith
Deputy Editor, Pitt Magazine
Chris Jones Chris Jones
Senior Interactive Art Director
Susan Jones Susan Jones
Editor, University Times
Adam Kilburn Adam Kilburn
Video Editor
Amy Kleebank Amy Kleebank
Art Director
Kevin Kulesa
Graphic Designer
Mark Lancia
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Marketing
Marty Levine Marty Levine
Writer, University Times
Chris Markle Chris Markle
Art Director
Patrick Monahan Patrick Monahan
Content Manager, Pittwire
Alex Mowrey Alex Mowrey
Social Media Content Strategist
Stefanie Mowrey Stefanie Mowrey
Associate, Systems
Acacia O'Connor Acacia O'Connor
Executive Director of Social Media
Kevin Oates Kevin Oates
Digital Asset Management Coordinator
Aimee Obidzinski Aimee Obidzinski
Assistant Director, Visual Services
Daniel Owens Daniel Owens
Allie Parady
Graphic Designer
Kristen Penkrot Kristen Penkrot
Digital Project Manager
Kelly Pinzone
Salesforce Business Analyst
Elliot Pippin
Engagement Manager
Marygrace Reder Marygrace Reder
Marketing Manager
Meg Ringler Meg Ringler
Senior Communications Director, Issues Management
Laura Rohrer Laura Rohrer
Editor-in-Chief, Pitt Magazine
Sarah Jordan Rosenson Sarah Jordan Rosenson
Editorial Associate
Stacey Rosleck Stacey Rosleck
Digital Project Manager
Terry Jarbe headshot Terry Rowley
Marketing and Communications Partner, Frederick Honors College
Sherry Shrum Sherry Shrum
Office Manager
Nora Smith
Assistant Editor
Madeline Spadafore Madeline Spadafore
Web Production Specialist
Chuck Staresinic
Director of Executive Speechwriting
Bruce Steele Bruce Steele
Senior Writer
Headshot of Anastasia Stolz Anastasia Stolz
Digital Communications Specialist
Jared Stonesifer Jared Stonesifer
Communications Director/Spokesperson
Dru Sturgess Dru Sturgess
Digital Project Manager
Ink Urho-Young
Graduate Marketing Manager
Shannon Wells Shannon Wells
Writer, University Times
Alane Wholey Alane Wholey
Assistant Director, Web Services