The University Communications Web Team is responsible for Pitt’s Institutional presence on the World Wide Web. We provide consultation regarding online graphic standards and best practices, and collaborate with administrative and academic units on a wide range of strategic online communications initiatives.

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Institutional Web Communications

Our team supports academic and administrative units with strategic online communications services. Our current projects include creation of a new campus-wide events calendar, a new campus tour, professional programs, personalized education, e-mail marketing solutions, and advanced Web analytics.

Our team manages content posted on the pitt.edu gateway. We have built and continue to support many insitutional sites including Office of the Chancellor, Office of the Provost, Pittwire, campus tour, commencement, and the Pitt annual report.

Standards & Best Practices

Following Pitt Web standards and best practices will make sure your site is easy to use, performs well in search engine optimization, meets accessibility requirements, advances the University’s brand, and avoids common missteps that lead to a poor user experience.

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Services for University Units

Our team has created more than 350 sites currently hosted at Pitt. While units manage routine content updates through the CMS, our team provides technical support and content/strategy guidance on more complex updates.

We routinely work with units to establish and manage sites reaching both external and internal audiences. While we do not maintain content for most units, we strive to build sites that offer compelling design, user-friendly content management, and an intutitive and rewarding user experience.  View our latest Universty Web theme options.

Our core service is to provide a powerful, mobile-friendly, standards-compliant, Pitt-themed Web sites. This service includes a comprehensive user-friendly content management system and flexible Pitt-themed graphic designs. Depending on project requirements and strategic impact to the University, our team may provide additional communications strategy and custom features, or we may partner with a vendor to create fully custom solutions.

Additional Web team services include e-mail marketing solutions, usability testing, search engine optimization, Web traffic analytics, and e-commerce.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you reach your online communications goals.