Design Intake and Delivery Process

1. Request Submitted

Colleague submits a Design Project Request along with text and images, if available at the time. Text input should be provided in a Word document, and all photos and art files should be high resolution and should be submitted separately (not embedded in the Word document). The information provided on the request will serve as a starting point for a conversation about the project.

2. Design Contacts Requestor/Requestor Describes Project

The design project manager reaches out to the requestor to conduct a pre-job brief. The requestor describes the project objective, audience, due date, quantity and other pertinent information. This upfront discussion will include a review of standard production times for the deliverable(s).

3. Design Creates Schedule

The design project manager creates a project schedule beginning with delivery and working backward, based on standard production times. The design project manager shares key dates with the requestor so both parties are working to the same schedule. Missed commitments at any point can delay the delivery date.

4. Requestor Provides Content

The requestor provides text and images or requests support with writing and visuals. Free photography services are available through University Communications and Marketing. Events that occur outside business hours may require a fee for service; however, this will be discussed before work is assigned. Design can recommend writers to support projects as needed; however, this also is on a fee-for-service basis.

5. Design Gets to Work

Within the design team, the text is proofread and handed off to the art director, who creates a design concept. The design is reviewed by the department’s creative directors. The design project manager then sends the piece to the requestor for review.

6. Requestor Reviews

The requestor reviews the design, proofreads the text, obtains necessary reviews and approvals, makes adjustments, and provides revisions to the design project manager.

7. Design Delivers

The design project manager reviews adjustments and collaborates with the art director to make the necessary revisions. The final layout is proofread again and, with final approval, handed off by the production manager to print or—in the case of digital files—delivered to the requestor. The requestor will be billed in accordance with University procedure, and the job will be closed in the design database, where it will be available for future reference.