Events Calendar: Guidelines

Please follow all guidelines when adding an event to the University Calendar. The guidelines are in place to ensure a positive user experience and to help increase user engagement. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Duplicate Events

  • Before you post an event, please ensure it does not already exist in the calendar.
  • If you’d like to cross tag an event with another unit, please contact Anastasia Stolz after adding the event into the calendar. 


  • Titles should be brief and direct. Avoid long titles that push to three lines (use the description field for additional information).
  • Please do not use all caps.
  • Avoid including the type of event in the title. Example: Instead of “MyHealth Less Stress Lecture” use “MyHealth Less Stress”. You can tag it as a lecture in the Event Type field.
  • We recommend capitalizing the first letter of each significant word in the title. Avoid capitalizing prepositions with fewer than four letters (as, at, by, for, in, to, etc.)


  • Use short paragraphs and bulleted lists to keep the information brief and easily scannable to viewers. 
    • Option to link out to a source / webpage that holds more detailed information. 

Event Photo

  • If uploading your own event photo, use clear, high-quality images that are at least 300px x 225px. 
  • No photos with text (e.g. flyers) or graphic illustrations. 
  • No photos with logos.
  • No photos with white borders/edges/backgrounds.
  • No collage type photos. 
  • Keep in mind that the top left corner of the photos will have the date block as shown above so avoid having the focal point in the image covered by the block.
  • Use an image that is relevant to your event.
  • Use different images for each event as much as possible (this helps generate interest).

Event Type

  • The event type ‘Special Events’ is only for very large or important University events that are owned by the whole university. Example: homecoming, graduation, day of giving.

Vanity URL

  • Should only be used if printing collateral or there’s a specific reason for needing a shortened/particular URL.

University Unit & Group Landing Page Guidelines

  • The landing page photo should be a single photograph.
  • The photo dimensions are 760px X 250px.
  • The photo must not contain any text or a graphic illustration.
  • The photo must not contain a logo.
  • No photos with white borders/edges/backgrounds (the photo area already has a border so please don’t add an additional border).
  • No collage type photos. 
  • Descriptions should be brief so as not to push down upcoming events from the initial landing page view. 
  • Please send your landing page image, description and if you have Facebook and/or Twitter to University Communications. We will add it for you.